2key network’s users and pages earnings for the previous month are distributed monthly to their respective network wallet by the 10th of the month.

Monthly Reputation Mining Pool allocation is divided into three pools:

  1. Monthly Activity Pool50%

  2. Global Reputation Pool25%

  3. Monthly Staking Pool25%

Pages and users can earn from each of these three pools. Each participant’s score is calculated based on the following scores:

Monthly Activity Score (MAS)

  • A score based on the reputation gained this month + (0.5 x Reputation gained last month) + (0.25 x Reputation gained the month before the previous) = MAS.

  • Your take from the Monthly Activity Pool is equal to your relative MAS — which is equal to your personal MAS divided by the Total Network MAS (the sum of all participants’ MAS for this cycle).

Global Reputation Score (GRS)

  • Your take from the Global Reputation Pool is equal to your relative Global Reputation Stake — your global reputation score divided by the Network Global Reputation (the sum of the global reputation of all network participants) — all per the snapshot of the last day of the month.

Monthly Staking (MS)

  • The minimum amount of 2KEY you actively staked for the entire previous month is your MS.

  • Your take from the Monthly Staking Pool is equal to your relative Monthly Stake — your MS divided by the Total Network Staking (the sum of MS for everyone on the network this previous month).


(The numbers and dates below are for demonstration purposes only.)

If on September 1st, the Reputation Mining Pool calculated for August contains 100K 2KEY tokens, it will be divided between the three sub-pools as follows:

  1. 50% to Monthly Activity Pool: 50K 2KEY

  2. 25% to Global Reputation Pool: 25K 2KEY

  3. 25% to Monthly Staking Pool: 25K 2KEY


  1. Assuming you earned a net worth of 50 reputation points in August.
    30 reputation points in July, and 80 reputation points in June.

Your Monthly Activity Score (MAS) = 50 + 0.5x30 + 0.25x80 = 85

  1. Your Global Reputation Score (GRS) snapshot on August 31st is 150

  2. You have staked a minimum of 5000 2KEY in your 2key.io-connected wallet for all of August→ your Monthly Staking (MS) is 5000

The Network:


  1. The sum of each 2key network users MAS is 50 000 ⇒ Total Network MAS = 50,000

  2. The sum of each 2key network users GRS is 150 000 ⇒ Total Network GRS = 150,000

  3. The sum of each 2key network users lowest stake during August is 7,000,000 2KEY
    ⇒ Total Network MS = 7,000,000 2KEY

Your Final Scores:

  1. Your relative MAS = 5000 / 7,000,000 = 0.0714%

  2. Your relative GRS = 150 / 150,000 = 0.1%

  3. Your relative MS = 85 / 50,000 = 0.17%

Your Monthly Reputation Mining:

  1. Participation (MAS): 50,000 x 0.17% = 85 2KEY

  2. Reputation (GRS): 25,000 x 0.1% = 25 2KEY

  3. Staking (MS): 25,000 x 0.0714% = 17.85 2 KEY

Your Total Earnings for August 2020 — 127.85 2KEY Tokens