There are currently two main types of campaigns:

  • SmartLinks, for which the conversion is a click

  • Monetary Campaigns, for which the conversion involves sending a payment — (Token purchase, Donation, Zoom SmartSession)

The points earned or lost vary according to your status and the type of campaign.

As a 2key user, you can have more than one status, but every action you take is linked with only one of these statuses:

  • Contractor: a page creating a SmartLink

  • Referrer: a user who shares the SmartLink

  • Converter: a user who clicks on a PPC/Hosted SmartLink or send a payment for a Monetary Campaign

On-Chain Automated Scoring in Points

It is important to keep in mind that reputation points are earned or lost, but never bought. Whether you are a user or a contractor, your reputation is entirely in your hands.

Feedback Reputation ?

In addition to the reputation points described above, that are recorded on-chain, distributed automatically, and immutable, 2key offers users the option to give manual feedback.

Each 2key SmartLink offers the option to give feedback on its content or the referrer. When you receive a SmartLink, pressing these three dots opens the feedback interface.

PPC Preview Page, and where to click to access the feedback interface

Users’ feedback helps the network remain informative, respectful, and socially secure. Feedback can earn or lose points for the referrer or the contractor, depending on the type of feedback entered.

Manual scoring in points

Feedback points are added or deducted manually and counted as follows:

The feedback mechanism is a trusted system via our app, and is not validated on-chain, nor is it result-driven per se. For this reason, we may incorporate after-the-fact analysis to prevent fraudulent feedback from negatively affecting users.

For a full description of how Reputation Points are granted and how rewards are distributed, click here.