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This enables the Token Sale campaign creator to distribute a reward to anyone part of a referral chain that leads to a token purchase. The system is entirely automated and requires no upfront payment as the reward is automatically deducted from the approved token purchase.

To Configure your 2key Referral Promotion Campaign:

  1. To define the percentage of token purchase amount reserved to reward referrers, slide to the target percentage.

  2. (Optional) Select the Restrict referral rewards to campaign participants option.
    NoteThis allows only people who bought tokens to benefit from the potential of earning a reward by referring our Token Sale Smartlink to their community, friends, and family.

  3. Select the way the referral is divided between referrers in the referral chain leading to a conversion:
    1. (Recommended) To select from a template, select the Vanilla option.

      To select the reward distribution method that is applied to the referral chain when a conversion occurs, click the icon corresponding to the requested option.

    2. To enable each referrer to determine how the reward is distributed to their downstream referral chain when a conversion occurs, select the Manual option.

  4. (Optional) Restrict the use of the referral program.

  5. Click Next.

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