To create a Donation Campaign, you need a User Account, a Page, and a Wallet associated with your page.

A Donation Campaign enables you to add cryptocurrencies to your fundraising effort and to leverage integrated, incentivized, organic refer-a-friend to spread the word about your cause.

To create a Donation campaign:

  1. From your page, click Start a Campaign.

  2. Select Donations.

  3. Click Start a Campaign.

  4. Click Start.

  5. When prompted, select the relevant option:
    • Create or connect a wallet for your page.
      See full instruction for creating a 2key wallet
    • Unlock your wallet by entering the page wallet password.
       IMPORTANT! You will need a minimal amount of ETH in your wallet to deploy a campaign. This is necessary to pay the transaction fee required by the Ethereum blockchain to register your campaign.
       Typically, this fee is inferior to US$ 1.00.

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