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As a SmartLink is a smart contract, it needs to be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain before it can be shared on social media.
Once deployed, your smart Session smart contract is immutably recorded on Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are self-executable and will automatically perform all the tasks encoded in the smart contract.

To deploy your SmartLink:


  1. From the Review Contract screen, carefully check that all the details displayed are correct.

    Once the contract is deployed, it will run until the defined end date.
    For campaigns created from scratch, only the Campaign Design content, excluding the title and thumbnail image can be edited after deployment.

  2. (Optional) To exclude your SmartLink from the explore page and from your page, select Show your campaign on your 2key page only to people who have received its 2key SmartLink. 

  3. Click Deploy Contract.


    Deploying a contract on the blockchain takes up to a few minutes. Closing the window before the deployment is completed may cause the deployment to fail.

    Now it is time to jumpstart your campaign by sharing it with your seed circle.

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