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In order for your SmartLink smart contract to operate, you have to define the parameters.

To configure your SmartLink:

  1. Select Hosted for distribution. Only tracking.

  2. From the Campaign Dates field, select the start and end dates.

    NoteThe default start date is the date of the campaign creation and the default end date is one calendar year later. The maximum duration of a Hosted SmartLink is one year.

  3. (Optional) Click the Advanced Option - Target Audience to define your target audience.
    1. In the Gender field, select a gender.
    2. In the Target Audience Age field, select the minimum and maximum age.
    3. In the Target Audience Countries field, select as many countries as needed.

      Note: Conversions from people that do not match the target audience will not generate rewards. 2key technology is highly efficient in excluding clicks from converters outside the target audience 

  4. On the No Referral Reward page, click Next.

  5. Click Next.

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