2key SmartLinks enable you to transform any existing link into a SmartLink or to create a new one with the content you create and design.
Once your SmartLink is deployed on Ethereum Blockchain, you are able to see how it spreads virally in real-time from your page referral tab.

Referrers and SmartLink creators earn 2KEY tokens from the Reputation Mining program, which incentivizes SmartLinks' creator to select the original content to share with care and referrers to share with care.

To turn an existing link into a SmartLink:


  1. From your Page homepage, click Start a New Campaign.

  2. Click Create a Smart Link.

  3. Click Create your Campaign.
  4. Select Distribute and Track an existing link.

  5. Fill in the required fields.
    1. In the Target URL file, copy-paste the link URL. 
    2. In the Campaign Title field, enter the title that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail.
    3. In the Campaign Category field, select the campaign category.
    4. Upload an image that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail.
  6. Click Next.

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