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A PPC SmartLink includes the technology that rewards each participant in a referral chain leading to a click. The budget is entirely defined by the SmartLink creator who sets up the amount of the referral amount per click and defines the model according to which this reward is distributed between participants.  

To define your PPC SmartLink reward:

Click the Next button when turning an existing link into a PPC SmartLink or designing a PPC SmartLink, clicking redirects you to the SmartLink Details page.

  1. Select Set a PPC reward for link distribution.

  2. In the Referral Reward per Click field, enter the reward amount per click.

    Note: The only available currency for this type of reward is USD. The reward is distributed in 2KEY token hedged with DAI to ensure a near parity in USD value for the referrer.

  3. In the Campaign Budget field enter the total amount for your SmartLink budget.

    Note: This calculates and displays the total number of clicks your SmartLink can generate. 
  4. In the Campaign Dates field, select the SmartLink start and end date.

    Note: The default start date is the date of the SmartLink creation and the default end date is one calendar month later. Your SmartLink will automatically end before the end date if the budget is exhausted.

  5. (Optional) Click Advanced Options - Target Audience to define your target audience.

    1. In the Gender field, select a gender.

    2. In the Target Audience Age field, select the minimum and maximum age.

    3. In the Target Audience Countries field, select as many countries as needed.
      NoteThe target audience will be shown to referrers before sharing the smart link, and will be shown on the SmartLink page. 2key smart links contain innovative technology limitations that block or miscount links that reach wrong audiences, and we're constantly developing and improving our technology to deliver more high quality and accurate results, and reaching the most relevant audience for any link. Nevertheless, the responsibility for the link distribution is solely on the smart link creator. 

  6. Click Next.

  7. Select the way the referral is divided between referrers in the referral chain leading to a conversion:


  8. (Optional) Restrict the use of the referral program.
    This is useful to focalize the referrers' sharing activity on highly targeted audiences and limit the spam possibility.

    Note: This helps to focus your referrer on targeting who to send a referral to, as they only get a reward in case a smart link recipient participates. This unique 2key feature designed to limit spamming or to address specific business requirements.

  9. Click Next.

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