A PPC SmartLink is a regular URL enhanced by 2key protocol ability to record every interaction with the SmartLink. Both referrals and clicks are recorded and valid clicks trigger the distribution of the reward to all referrers in the referral chain leading to the conversion.

PPC SmartLink creators have full control over the price per click, avoiding the budget uncertainties of the ad bidding system prevalent today.

In addition, link creators and referrers are automatically enrolled in the 2key Reputation Mining program, a program created to encourage quality posting and targeted sharing.

To turn an existing link into a PPC SmartLink:


  1. From your Page homepage, click Start a New Campaign.

  2. Click Create a Smart Link.

  3. Click Create your Campaign.
  4. Select Distribute and Track an existing link.

  5. Fill in the required fields.

    1. In the Target URL file, copy-paste the link URL. 
    2. In the Campaign Title field, enter or edit the title that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail. 
      Note: When you click in Campaign title, it is populated with data extracted from the original URL content.
    3. In the Campaign Description field, enter or edit the description that is displayed in the SmartLink's thumbnail.
    4. In the Campaign Category field, select the campaign category.
    5. Upload an image that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail.
  6. Click Next.

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