2key PPC SmartLinks enable you to promote an existing link or to create a new one.

To turn an existing link into a PPC SmartLink:


  1. From your Page homepage, click Start a New Campaign.

  2. Click Create a Smart Link.

  3. Click Create your Campaign.
  4. Unlock your wallet.
    1. Select wallet type corresponding to your page wallet.
    2. Enter the password or passphrase.
      Note: If you forgot your password, click Recover your Wallet to recover your wallet with your seed phrase, or secret words.
  5. Select Distribute and Track an existing link.

  6. Fill in the required fields.

    1. In the Target URL file, copy-paste the link URL. 
    2. In the Campaign Title field, enter the title that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail.
    3. In the Campaign Category field, select the campaign category.
    4. Upload an image that will show in the SmartLink’s thumbnail.
  7. Click Next.

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